As you shop our online store you may notice that many items are out of stock and sold out.

We certainly never mean to frustrate or disappoint our customers!

Because we are a small family run operation, we are unable to function like a grocery store as it relates to held inventory. Nearly all our offered products are seasonally driven. Producing things seasonally is what guarantees their freshness and keeps the methods of production in harmony with mother nature.

Our recommendation is to subscribe to our marketing and newsletter list.

Our newsletter is how we inform our customers when certain items are about to be harvested or any sales that we might have going on.

In the meantime, please just know our inventory fluctuation is a byproduct of putting quality and sustainable methods of production first

Also, in order to be a truly local food source we have limited our sales to a fifty mile delivery radius from our farm.  Of course if you do not reside in our service area and happen to be passing through you are always welcome to pick up items at the farm.  Once you are finished adding items to your cart through our online store you will see options for getting those items.  Picking up items from the farm, picking up items at our pre-scheduled drop off locations and orders over a certain amount have no additional charges.  Smaller direct delivery purchases will include a shipping cost.  The two images below show the fifty mile radius from our farm.  Thanks for choosing us as your local clean meat provider!  


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