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" To leave whatever land we steward better than we found it, to produce the purest products, through methods that promote biodiversity and reduce waste, and to encourage respect for all life."


We aspire to a world in which all people care wisely and humbly for all creatures, first and foremost for their fellow human beings, recognizing their proper place within creation. We aspire to a world in which objective moral principles, not personal subjective views or prejudices, guide moral action. We aspire to a world in which reasoning, through theology and science, guides the stewardship of human and ecological relationships.

We aspire to a world in which advancements in agriculture not only minimize pollution and transform most waste products into efficiently used resources but also improve the material conditions of life. We aspire to a world in which relationships between stewardship and private property are fully appreciated, utilized and taking place at the most local level possible.


JOHN 2:1-11

We are often asked how and why we chose to name our family farm Six Stone Jars? For us, it started with our belief that all life is a miracle. A miracle that deserves promoting, nurturing, and protecting. There are few places where you can see, hear, smell, touch, and participate in life more than you can on a farm. Whether it is listening to the gobbles of wild turkeys at the forest’s edge in the early morning hours, observing a momma cow nurse her newborn calf on pasture, or enjoying the dance of fireflies over the lawn at dusk, you are a witness to the power of life no matter where you turn. In the second chapter of the Gospel of John we read about the first miracle that Jesus Christ performed. Many Christians know this story to be the “Wedding at Cana.” In this passage, we hear about how Jesus turned six stone jars of water into wine, far superior than the supply that was running low, during that ceremonial feast.

Maybe it is our love of wine, or spending important moments (like a wedding) with people you care about most, or participating in small miracles that connect us with the story so much. These very tangible human experiences so intricately woven into Christ’s first miracle have impacted us so much that we named our farm after it. We hope that you will contact us at Six Stone Jars Farm when you find your existing supply running low and want a superior product.

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