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Bryce is the overseer, safety officer, and the head of marketing at Six Stone Jars Farm. There is very little that goes unnoticed on the farm by Bryce. Recently when driving off the farm she saw our bull servicing one of the cows, to which Bryce commented, “I am glad to see he is doing his job.” As the overseer, she is usually the first person to notice when something is out of place on the farm. So, we have learned to pay attention when she says things like, “Did you know that pasture gate was left open?” or “I have not seen the dogs in awhile, you might want to call and check on them.” As the safety officer, she is quick to sound the alarm if a red-tailed hawk is flying near the chicken coop or to warn visitors to steer clear of the apiary and to watch out for the electric fences around the pastures. As for marketing, well, it is kind of hard to say “no thanks” to a beautiful little girl who is trying to sell you a dozen farm fresh eggs or a bouquet of recently picked wild flowers.

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