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Chad, a former United States Army Officer and Green Beret, decided sometime during his third deployment to Afghanistan that is was time to, “shift gears, simplify life, and create a more family-focused lifestyle for his household.” Despite not having a farming background or any experience in agricultural business, he was drawn to the endeavor and believed that it would best facilitate the way of life he desired for his family. Chad always says that his personal successes in the military were the result of working with so many high-quality people. Even though he believes that he was simply blessed to have such phenomenal subordinates he still sought out additional subject matter experts; surrounded himself with wise counsel; asked technical questions; or fostered an environment of teamwork. He applies those same philosophies and work ethics to farming. Before, during, and after any practice is implemented at Six Stone Jars Farm you can often find Chad on the phone or conducting a field visit with forestry officers, seasoned beekeepers, veteran cattle producers, natural resource conservationists, wildlife experts and anyone else with the education and experience to make this farm the most diverse, efficient, and animal friendly operation that it can be.

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