How they are made

Cue Jake Owen's song Homemade now...haha (and if you seriously wanted to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GksJw8epoNg)

Enjoying the abundance of naturally grown, produced and harvested items from a farm are fulfilling all by themselves.  I see that proof when my wife smiles as she eats a tomato straight off the vine, when my children eat more wild raspberries than they put in the bucket, or when I fire up the grill with the anticipation of cooking up some clean meat steaks.

But the blessings hardly end there.  Our creator allows us to be creative as He is.  Transforming such high quality ingredients into something else is not just fun but they can unlock another dimension to what those treasures already offer.  Those same tomatos can be made into a killer salsa and those same raspberries just sing on toast after being turned into a preserve spread.

Our homemade products are just that.  They are small things from our farm that we put together "together" in our kitchen for you to enjoy too.   

From our home to yours...



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