How they are raised

Currently our rabbits are mainly white New Zealands and some of those are crossed with California Whites.  Similar to how we manage the genetics of our other livestock, we keep those rabbits with the desired traits, that work best within our operating system and produce the best tasting meat, for breeding. 


Our rabbits live in "rabbit tractors" on pasture.  The "rabbit tractors" keep our animals safe from predators, prevents them from wondering off and yet still allows them to have access to fresh vegetation and air.  Our rabbits are moved daily to fresh ground where they can forage and hop around as they were intended to.  Our rabbits also have access to common rabbit pellet feed in these mobile outdoor homes.  We do this mainly to ensure they are getting all their nutritional needs met while on various types of forage throughout the year.  Our bucks and does are moved to specific cages inside our barn when it is time for breeding or birthing.  A few days before a doe gives birth she will be moved out of the "rabbit tractor" to her own private cage with her own nesting box where she can safely have her litter.  She will remain there with her litter until the kits are big enough (weened) to rejoin the community in the "rabbit tractors."      

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