Our family loves honeybees!  So much so that we converted a couple acres of pasture to pollinator friendly flowers.  In addition to these dedicated acres of perennial flowers (Sunflowers, Coneflowers, False Sunflowers, etc.) our bees also enjoy the abundant white and red clover throughout our pastures as well as the various bee friendly trees (Eastern Redbuds, Native Oaks, Black Gum, Magnolias, etc.) in our 50+ acres of forest.  

Currently, all our bee colonies are of the "Italian Bees" species.  We appreciate the pros that each species offers, however, with young children on our farm we tend to gravitate to the gentleness and ease of handling that the Italian Bees typically offer.   

Our apiaries are in our managed pollinator fields and another component to our biodiverse farm.  We do not treat our bees with any chemicals. Instead, we focus on promoting strong colonies so that the bees are more likely to combat health issues on their own.  Because our focus is on keeping these wonderful creatures and not on how much honey we can harvest from them our yields may be less than other producers.  

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