How they are raised

All our sheep, just like our cattle, are raised right here on our farm. They enjoy the same pasture raised lifestyle as the rest of our livestock. We use rotational grazing practices with our sheep just like we do with our cattle. The flock and the herd are often grazing alongside one another.

While lambing season around here is a busy time, it is all worth it when you get to see a ewe nurse her baby lamb, or lambs! And if you think individual cows have distinct personalities, you should own some sheep! Each of our sheep are admired and appreciated (usually getting their heads scratched, like a dog, when we walk in the pasture) until it is their time to serve another important purpose.

We use a local USDA certified processor in our area. The sheep bring us joy while they are foraging and being themselves (as God intended) and they bring us nourishment and thankfulness when they fill our dinner plates.

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