How they are raised

All our cattle are raised right here on our farm. Sometimes literally in our backyard. They are never out-of-sight or out-of-mind like at industrial feed lots. Although they are not pets, that does not stop us from naming them or enjoying watching them grow up (each with their own unique personality!). It is usually a family affair when we know a cow is about to calve. We will all head out to the pasture to watch the renewal of life and welcome the newest member of the herd to our farm. Our cattle are rotated to fresh grass almost daily during the growing season and then fed grass hay during the winter months. Even the animals that we slaughter typically live a full and healthy life for a minimum of two years here on the farm.

It takes about that long for the animals born on our pasture to grow to full size on a 100% grass fed and finished diet. They don’t receive antibiotics (unless medical intervention to save the life of a breeding animal, not one being slaughtered, is required) or growth hormones. We use a local USDA certified processor in our town, so even the cattle that go to slaughter are only away from the fields and herd for less than 24 hours. The cattle bring us joy while they are foraging and being themselves (as God intended) and they bring us nourishment and thankfulness when they fill our dinner plates.

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